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Strategies for Life Science

The best of both worlds: Our expertise combines life science industry and management consulting, many years of experience and operational industry knowledge. We advise and accompany e.g. NASDAQ and DAX companies as well as medium-sized businesses and start-ups. We support global pharmaceutical companies, generics players, biotechs and chemical companies from strategy to implementation. Our recipe for success: One of the founding partners is always at our clients' side - for the company, the team, the success.

Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech and chemicals: constantly changing

In a complex and fast moving industry, we turn challenges into results: Our strategies are highly individualized, unerring and trend-setting. We inform decision-making for executives. The solutions we develop are rapidly deployed and lasting. We cover the entire value chain, from research and development to marketing - nationally and internationally.

Strategic Advisors: Our knowledge has method

Personal and custom-tailored: We closely cooperate with our customers and their teams, to develop efficient and sustainable solutions. We listen, investigate, analyze, understand and think creatively and strategically. - turning complexity into results that matter.


Think outside the box - do the right things right

Customized strategies

Individualized approaches to achieve short-term and sustainable impact.

Strategies to achieve Step Changes

How we work


Effective implementation

Actionable plans that guide the way to success – through agile and personal management.

every implementation is best in class.

How we work