Think outside the box – do the right things right

Know How as a basis for accurate analysis, insights and strategy development

Our expertise from both, life science industry and management consulting is a powerful tool to help increase our client’s competitive strength. At first glance, challenges may resemble each other - the opportunities however lie in the detail.

Reflection, exchange with peer-level sparrings partners, understanding, evaluation - this is how we find the core of each task and develop specific solutions.

Our expertise

Creating clarity

We can handle complexity, turn it into an opportunity for differentiation and help our customers to take advantage of this opportunity - not only in theory but also in practice based on many years of operational industry and consulting experience.

Analyzing, concept development, modeling - this is how we bring all stakeholders on board, create a common basis and shape the way forward.

Our team

Change perspectives

Involvement of employees and stakeholders is pivotal to the success of a strategy and its implementation. We bring all stakeholders on board right from the start: Who stands where? And who needs what in order to be able to identify with the project and to be fully supportive? This is how we initiate technical and personal progess - this is how we can take away fears, bring individuals together and incorporate new ways of thinking and approaches into the corporate culture.

Speed / Sustainability: Added value from the start

Full concentration, full speed, full transparency: creative and strategic, flexible and sustainable to the goal.

In order to ensure that the positive effect has a lasting impact, we accompany many of our customers over the years and help to readjust or further develop solutions where necessary, e.g. due to a changed environment.


Tailor-made strategy: How do we reach our goal?

Listening and exchanging ideas, analyzing and structuring, thinking inside and out of the box ... in order to then develop the path to their goal together with our customers.




Goal first

In the first step we determine the best possible result - and define an ideal goal.


Status quo second

Where does the company/area in question stand? Which actors have an influence on the result? Where exactly do we start? And what resources are available?


Strategy created

Last but not least, we develop options, evaluate them and propose a path - a strategy that is supported by all parties involved and leads to success.

The necessary foresight

A successful strategy combines different interests and subgoals, internal and external areas, skills and opportunities. Our experts take this balancing act into account with an eye for detail and the big picture. We work interdisciplinary and across departments, on country-specific as well as headquarter topics, including the market, the environment and all relevant variables.

How we develop customized strategies

Individualized approaches to achieve short-term and sustainable impact. Strategies to achieve Step Changes


Effective implementations: personal, fast, precise

Communicate, observe, organize and moderate, plan and get moving ... so that our strategy can develop its full effect.


A good run over the finish line

A goal-oriented roadmap takes into account all situational factors, from complexity to the degree and type of change and the involvement of all parties involved. Our experts develop a holistic roadmap, actively involve all stakeholders and communicate clearly and transparently at all times. By constantly tracking progress against the plan, we can readjust at any time.


How we implement strategies effectively

Actionable plans that guide the way to success – through agile and personal management every implementation is best in class.

If more resources are needed than are available in the company, we help out and provide hand-picked support for the implementation period - from our team as well as from our network of experts.